Present Projects


Through various outreaches, CGM assists the needs of local residents through various programs, such as:

Wheelchair Distribution
Free wheelchairs are provided for those who are physically handicapped.

Water Distribution
When Palakkad was hit by a major drought, CGM built a 500 feet underground  well that continues to provide free, clean water for families in the surrounding area.

Medical Clinic
Each month, trained physicians provide free medical care and medications for villagers who cannot afford a medical follow-up.

Education Supplies
Students in the local schools are provided with free education amenities like notebooks, pens, and pencils so that they are able to study during the school year.


A vocational school was created to teach poor, unemployed women the skill of tailoring as a means to financially support their families. Upon completion of their free schooling and training, each student receives a tailoring certificate and a free sewing machine to help their future career.


Due to lack of financial resources in the surrounding area, a computer school was implemented to teach men and women basic computer skills. CGM provides free training and classes for local residents.


Not only does CGM desire to show the love of Christ through action, but various outreaches are implemented to share the message and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through evangelistic meetings, where local residents have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, as well as small group Bible studies, CGM has a team of trained men and women who share the message of Christ. In addition, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is held for the children so that they can engage in fun filled arts and crafts activities while hearing from God’s Word.


Each month, with the generosity of our sponsors, trained physicians travel to the villages and provide free medical care and medicines to those that cannot afford a hospital visit.